Personally I am 40 years old and live with my wife and our three boys in Harlev – a small quiet village just west of Aarhus in Denmark. In addition to being married and owning a dog, I am also a voluntary Samaritan at the Danish Red Cross, and are studying martial art in any spare time that I do not use to program and study new technologies and languages in my chosen field of study.

I am in the fortunate situation that I have had good opportunities to make my passion for software and servers into a career path. This has allowed me to spend almost two decades in developing software and configuring Linux servers in an armoury of different languages for different purposes primarily related to JEE backend systems. I am a dedicated system developer with a solid experience in software, system and process architecture and are able to perform high-quality development tasks and ensure appropriate use of the available options in the JEE and Linux ecosystems.

Always aiming at being structured in the best way possible to assist developers in developing and deploying changes and features in an appropriate and cost-effective manner.

I graduated as a computer engineer and has since taken a degree as a graduate in software engineering at the University of Aalborg. After graduating from university my career has first been focused on development / quality assurance of the “raw” software code and later on the operational aspects of the same software. This has given me opportunities to combine my knowledge and experience, and allowing me to understand work performed by co-workers and relating to their actual work situation.

Due to my experience I am able to reduce the distance that can occur in the organization between testers, developers and architects. I have been employed like all three which has resulted in a good insight into the different. Thus, I have had the opportunity to influence and optimize the developmental process so that the time-to-market for the software was minimized. This while taking proper operational considerations and considerations such as monitoring, monitoring, QA and security in connection with production updates.

In addition, my experience with many different languages, technologies and processes gives me an advantage as I have a background that allows me to evaluate the best decisions in a given situation.

This includes the professional skills necessary to implement sound solutions in both known and lesser-known languages and technologies. Finally, I love to experiment with new technologies and tools; Both to enrich my own knowledge, but also to assess the advantages and disadvantages of individuals as a solution to a predominant problem.

The technologies I am dealing with are often open source and I have worked intensively with continuous integration and deployment to various Linux based distributions. These are often orchestrated using Puppet or Ansible which allows you to configure new servers and centrally manage and upgrade these.